How to Find your Belt Size

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How to Find your Belt Size

How to Find your Belt Size

Option 1. (Less Accurate)

Add two inches to the waist size of your pants. So if your waist size is 36 you should order a size 38 belt. Main Street Forge belts come standard in even numbered sizes from size 32 - 52. If you are in between sizes, go ahead and choose one or the other. All Main Street Forge belts have 7 holes, spaced 1 inch apart so you will have plenty of room to grow or shrink in either direction.

Option 2. (More Accurate)

The exact size of a Main Street Forge belt is equal to the distance between the middle of the buckle and the middle hole on the belt. The most accurate way to size your belt is to take a measurement of a belt you currently wear. measure from the middle of the buckle to the hole that you use most often on your old belt. That number, in inches, is your belt size. Our belts are offered in even sizes between 32 - 52. If you are in the middle of two of our sizes you can rest assured that either size will fit. Each belt has 7 holes which are each 1 inch apart.

If you still need help you can contact us directly and we can help make sure you get the correct size.

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