Chrispy Things Video Review

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Chrispy Things Video Review

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We love to hear what people think of our products!

Check out this video review of some of our products from the Chrispy Things YouTube channel. If you are thinking of picking up The Bootlegger Belt, one of our Valet Trays, a Bifold Wallet, a Slim Front Pocket Wallet or one of our Keychains you can get a closer look by checking out the video above. Chrispy Things knows their stuff when it comes to EDC products so we reached out to them to see how they thought our products held up to their high standards.
Here at Main Street Forge we are always really interested in what people think of our products. We are super happy to hear feedback, both good and bad, from anyone who has had a chance to use them.

When someone provides feedback, we take that information in and use it as we make tweaks to our current products and to create new designs and products. That is one of the many benefits of making our products in small batches, right here in the USA. We get to make improvements on the fly. If our items were mass produced, it would be nearly impossible to make the small improvements without costing a fortune and taking up a bunch of time.

Do you have some feedback for us about a Main Street Forge product that you have purchased? We would love to see your video reviews as well. Shoot us an email with a link to the video and you might see yourself featured right here on our website! You can send them to

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Some of the Products Featured in this Video

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