The Importance Of Buying American

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The Importance Of Buying American

Believe it or not there is an issue that Democrats and Republicans can agree on!

In this day and age of political polarization there is one thing that both sides agree on; You should buy American. 

This is not a new idea, but it is gaining a lot of new attention amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Times are hectic and seeing agreement on any issue is a sight for sore eyes.

An Issue We Can All Agree On

Just this year Joe Biden has proposed a $700-Billion 'Buy American' campaign as one of his major plans for his presidential run. This would focus on government buying of U.S. made goods and services and increasing investments in manufacturing as well.

Similarly, we saw President Trump promise more support of small businesses and pledge to divert more funds towards American made products during the Coronavirus pandemic. We ran into an issue that some didn't realize until this pandemic; we didn't produce enough personal protective equipment in the U.S. to support the massive increase in demand for these products. Some other essential products were going out of stock on store shelves because most of their supply chains were overseas.  Those empty shelves highlighted the fact that we rely on imports entirely too much these days. 

Buying American on a Budget

It can be hard to find quality American Made products, especially if you are on a budget. Imported products can be cheaper, but nothing beats American quality!  You know what they say: "You get what you pay for."  

The good news is that the internet is starting to make buying American more affordable. You are starting to see many small American businesses find ways to innovate and sell their products directly to their customers online. This cuts out the middlemen and allows the savings to be passed along to the buyers, allowing them to compete with the imports without sacrificing the world class quality you expect from a product which is Made in USA. 

Doing your part 

If you look around your home, you will surely see quite a lot of products that are imported.  Your computer, TV and cell phone are almost certainly not made here.  Almost no one is going to be able to buy American Made 100% of the time, but surely you realize the value in buying American when you can. Hopefully, the next time you are looking to make a purchase you can take an extra minute to find an American manufacturer or pay a couple extra bucks to support a small American business.  Even if you aren't shopping you can help support these businesess in smaller ways; You could recommend them to a friend or share their content on social media.  Every little bit helps.

If we all do our part it will go a long way to keep our country going strong and to make sure we aren't reliant on another country when the next pandemic or emergency comes around!